Computerized GoTo telescope mount

with 42,900 object database

AllView Computerized

GoTo Mount
and Telescope System

Delivering a Unique Experience of Time and Space
As computerized mounts continue to grow in sophistication, the demand for lightweight and simple GoTo mounts has risen. The amazingly versatile AllView multi-purpose mount can assist photographers with wide-field astrophotography, daytime panoramas, time-lapse video or simple sidereal tracking for celestial viewing with a small optical tube.

Capable of mounting small telescopes, cameras, video camers and smart phones Sidereal, lunar and solar tracking, as well as three programmable modes Built-in DSLR shutter release, capable of continual 30 second exposures Panoramic & Time-lapse Modes
The AllView mount features three photography and video modes – Easy Pano Mode, Preset Pano Mode and Time Lapse Mode. With the Preset Pano mode, photographers simply attach a DSLR and use 10 pre-defined panoramic positions. The Easy Pano mode gives users a little more flexibility, allowing photographers to set their own intervals between shots. Finally, the Time Lapse mode allows the camera to capture a series of still images over a long period of time while the mount slowly pans. The AllView mount also includes a camera release cable, allowing users to automatically photograph 30 second exposures without the need of an intervelometer timer. The mounting plate includes a ¼”-20 screw thread to mount most cameras, camcorders or spotting scopes.

SynScan Hand Controller
Sky-Watcher’s proprietary SynScan hand controller allows users to automatically slew to over 42,000 objects. The AllView features a RS232 connection (optional RS232-USB adapter available), allowing it to be used as a computer controlled astronomical mount using some of today’s top astronomy programs, such as The SkyX, Starry Night, or Stellarium.

Dual-Encoder, Freedom Find™
Most computerized mounts must be re-aligned if it’s moved by hand, however the AllView mount is a little different. Featuring a dual-encoder design on both axis, the AllView mount will not lose its alignment or positional information, even when moved by hand. Slewing by hand won’t cause the mount to lose alignment, and when you’re ready to resume computerized GoTo features, simply select an object from the hand controller to resume tracking.

As customary with all Sky-Watcher products, all required accessories are included with the scope. In addition to the mount, the AllView includes an adjustable steel tripod with an accessory tray. A four-piece mounting bracket is also included, allowing users to attach cameras, telescopes, and smart phones. A shutter release cable for Canon Rebel cameras is also included with each AllView mount (cables for Nikon and Sony cameras available separately).



Sky-Watcher 多用途 ALLVIEW

  • 品牌: Sky-Watcher
  • 型號: 多用途 ALLVIEW
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  • $12,800

  • 稅前: $12,800