Star Adventurer MINI

星野探索赤道儀 MINI


Astronomy configuration shown. / Equatorial base sold separately. / Camera not included.

星象盤設定校準 / 赤道儀另外選購 / 不含相機
  • Ideal for wide-field photography, or lightweight celestial viewing.
  • Free SAM console app for total control of the Star Adventurer Mini
  • Customizable speeds, including sidereal, solar and lunar

  • 適合廣角攝影、輕量級天文觀測
  • APP 免費下載,可完全遙控星野探索赤道儀 MINI
  • 可依需求調整速度:包含恆星、太陽及月球

  • SAM is a high precision, portable and stable tracking platform for sidereal, solar and lunar tracking with automatic DSLR shutter release control. It is small and light enough to easily fit into a camera bag or backpack, making it an ideal mount for the photographer on the move.
    Whether you’re looking for a tracking platform to capture wide-field images of the Milky Way, or seeking a compact travel mount, SAM is a necessity for astrophotographers of every skill level. This high precision, portable celestial tracking platform can transform almost any tripod into an equatorial mount, assisting photographers with long exposures of the night sky. SAM breaks from the mold of traditional equatorial mounts with an abundance of add on accessories to complement wide-field astrophotography, nightscape images or time-lapse photography.

    星野探索赤道儀 MINI 是一款高精度、可攜式且具穩定性的追蹤平台。DSLR 自動釋放快門控制裝置可追蹤恆星、太陽及月球。輕巧外型可放入相機袋或背包,成為攝影師輕裝無負擔的最佳隨行攝影腳架。無論您正需要一只可拍攝星空銀河的追蹤平台,或是一只輕巧的腳架,星野探索赤道儀 MINI  絕對是一款任何觀星天文家、業餘愛好者的最佳利器。這款高解析、可攜式天體追蹤儀能將多數的三腳架轉換為赤道儀,完全符合攝影師拍攝夜空的長時間曝光的需求。星野探索赤道儀 MINI  從傳統赤道儀 鑄模中脫穎而出,配有豐富的裝配讓星野探索赤道儀MINI同時滿足廣域的天文攝影、夜景或縮時攝影的需求。

  • Polar finderscope with illuminator for easy alignment with Polaris
  • DSLR camera interface with automatic shutter control
  • V-style dovetail saddle, with ability to mount ball head for easier camera movement
  • / A Mobile Platform /

    With the free SAM console app (for iOS and Android) you can customize your tracking speeds, photographers can choose between sidereal, solar and lunar, or other custom presets, useful for time-lapse videos. Even for users with no polar alignment experience, the Star Adventurer Mini is easy to setup using the included illuminated polar finderscope. Once aligned, users can attach their camera and activate sidereal tracking to start photographing the Milky way.

    / Easy Integration with Any Tripod /

    The declination assembly uses a specialized Vixen-style saddle plate for attaching cameras, tripod heads, or optical tubes. Attaching a ball head to this Vixen style plate provides most users with enough flexibility to slew around the sky freely while maintaining tracking. The Star Adventurer tracking platform can attach to a tripod using a 3.8”-16 thread and includes an adapter for ¼”-20 thread sizes.

    / Automatic Shutter Release Control /

    No need for an intervelometer timer with the Star Adventurer! With a completely programable shutter exposure settings, the Star Adventurer Mini can trigger a DSLR using the auxiliary shutter release cable. Once the camera is plugged into the mount and a shot is fired, it will continually shoot for the programed exposures until the cable is removed.
    With a payload capacity of 3 kg (6.6 lbs), the Star Adventurer Mini is exceptional for nightscape photographers, traveling astronomers and anyone in need of a small tracking mount.

    / Customize your Setup /

    In addition to the Star Adventurer Mini mount, several add-on accessories are available. The Equatorial base allows this platform to polar align and track in the RA axis, turning a conventional photo tripod into an important astrophotography tool. Both axis also feature clutches, allowing users to aim the Star Adventurer without losing polar alignment. For users photographing nightscapes, the optional ball-head adapter provides more freedom to frame image, while delivering consistent tracking.

    Star Adventurer Ball Head Adapter USD15

    The Star Adventurer Ball Head adapter provides a 3/8 threaded post to mount any ball of of choice to the Star Adventurer. The Ball Head adapter utilizes a stand V-style dovetail on the back for easy mounting to the Star Adventurer.

    Star Adventurer Counterweight Kit USD30

    For those looking to mount heavier cameras, lenses or telescopes the Star Adventurer counter weight kit is a must. In order to provide smooth tracking and less stress on the mount’s motor the counter weight kit allows you to counter balance your payload. With the counter weight kit you can take the Star Adventurer to its maximum payload of 11lbs.
    For those using heavy full frame camera with popular 200, 300 or 400mm lenses the counter weight kit is a must.

    You must have the Dec. Bracket in order to use the counter weight kit.

    Star Adventurer Dec Bracket USD40

    The Star Adventurer Dec. Bracket allows for larger telephoto lenses and small telescopes to be used. The Dec. Bracket features a slow motion geared hear for easy adjustment in the Dec. axis. These smooth adjustments are perfect when using longer focal length optics where large movements are not needed for centering the target. The Dec. Bracket also allows for an addition ball head to be mounted using its open 3/8 threaded post (opposite the gear head). You must have the Dec. Bracket to use the Star Adventurer counter weight kit. The counter weight rod threads into the Dec. Bracket.

    Star Adventurer Latitude (EQ) Base USD65

    The Star Adventurer Latitude (EQ) Base provides a smooth and reliable way to polar align your mount. With internal gearing the Latitude Base makes aligning to the north celestial pole easy and repeatable.
    The Latitude Base features a V-style dovetail system and mounting block. The mounting block threads on the Star Adventurer and allows you to quickly mount or dismount your Star Adventurer to the Latitude Base. The Base also features latitude degree markers to easily adjust the Star Adventurer to the correct placement. Underneath the Base is a 3/8 thread which can mount to many of todays popular photo tripods.
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    Sky-Watcher 多用途 Star Adventurer MINI 星野探索赤道儀 MINI

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